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Prevent Sudden Breakdowns With These 5 Truck Maintenance Tips For Commercial Truck Repair

Imagine how frustrating it would be if your loaded truck got stuck on a busy highway. It would be a catastrophic situation! Having to back up the road is dangerous, but losing time & a pause in the production cycle are even more difficult, especially for commercial and extensive truck repair.


Is there anything you can do to avert such a situation? Maintaining your vehicle requires preventive maintenance. Your truck's condition can only be determined this way & a sudden breakdown can be avoided.


It will cost you money even if you call the on-call mobile mechanic. When your vehicle breaks down suddenly, it may cost you thousands of dollars in lost productivity, repairs, and towing. In contrast, you can reduce your loss by 50% by following preventive maintenance!


Here are five tips on truck maintenance to help you with preventive care.


Check Your Tires at Commercial Truck Repair Service Before Rolling Out

There are a lot of breakdown incidents on the highways caused by tires, so you should always check your tires before heading out. When checking the tires, what should you look for?

Tire Pressure

Overinflated tires can cause steering problems, while underinflated tires are prone to blowouts. A truck's fuel economy is also affected by its tire pressure. Ensure that your tires are inflated to the correct pressure; consult your owner's manual. In addition, each month, the tires lose about one psi, and seasonal temperature changes of about 10 degrees contribute to an additional psi loss.

Check Fluids Level

Check the fluid levels before heading out on the highways. Checking your engine's fluids will ensure you won't run out of radiator fluid (antifreeze coolant) or engine oil.

An engine's performance depends greatly on the correct coolant and engine oil level. Make sure you check the fuel level because you don't want your truck to get stuck on the highway without a fuel station nearby.

It is possible to prevent unexpected breakdowns by maintaining the fluids at optimal levels.

Keep A Check On Electrical Systems

There is a considerable amount of power consumed by trucks. What is the source of this energy? The alternator and batteries on their vehicles! An inadequate electrical system will slow down the truck's performance, resulting in breakdowns and expensive repairs. The following are things you should watch out for:


Ensure the battery is fully charged and has the capacity recommended by the manufacturer. Defective batteries can cause an engine shutdown, leaving you stranded.

Cables & Wires

Cables & wires should be kept clean, intact, and corrosion-free. In addition to preventing short circuits and faulty lights, cable maintenance can avoid some significant system failures.

Audit Coolant & Engine Oil

Always ensure that the engine oil and coolant are at optimal levels and clean to prevent overheating. If your coolant or oil is clogged, don't head out for the highway unless you plan on getting stuck.

To Sum It Up

You can extend the life of your truck by performing preventive maintenance. Moreover, preventative maintenance is easily DIY-able. Maintaining your vehicle in this way allows you to stay dynamic.


If your truck breaks down or you wish to hire an expert for routine preventive maintenance, you can contact YTTR Truck Repair Service. Our team of expert technicians handles truck engine repairs and commercial truck repairs.